A picture of the owner of Warm Home Construction , Dave Fingleton

Welcome to Warm Home Construction.

Like many builders, I began my trade as a carpenter. I started building houses using conventional methods (concrete blocks) before switching to insulated concrete form (ICF) in 2004. Jean-Marc Bouvier, a Canadian builder who was working in my locality, introduced me to the ICF method, particularly to Nudura products.

Why insulated concrete form?

  • Your house will cost very little to heat.
  • Top level insulation means lower fuel bills means you're doing your bit for the environment by consuming less energy.
  • Mass concrete in the walls gives unbeatable structural strenght and a quiet living enviroment
  • Very quick building time.

Why Nudura?

  • In my experience Nudura is the best quality ICF block giving accurate and rapid results.

  • A link to our the Nudura website

    Over the next 2 years I worked alongside Jean Marc on various Nudura houses, gaining vital experience before qualifying as a certified Nudura installer in 2005. I've been building with Nudura independently ever since.